What spawned this?

For the record…

I am broke. Flat broke. Working poor.

You get the idea.

But I’m also a young woman and a nerd: I like clothes, shoes, and purses; gadgets and books and comics.  Not the super expensive “OMG!!! Is that ______” stuff but things that are equal in quality (if not better) and aren’t going to cost me my car payment for three months to buy.  One – two seasons out of a shoe does not equal my pretty SRT-4.  Speaking of… I’m also a dodge gal so don’t be surprised if I randomly review car parts here and there.

Which brings me to my next bit: Reivews. That’s what this is. With the cost of LIFE going up and our paychecks not, I figured it was time I share the tips and tricks of the trade with everyone. Not just my friends and family. You never know – might spur on the economy.

Okay, so…on with the show!


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