The “Tomboy in Disguise” Test

This is a test to determine how well an item will hold up to the typical wear and tear of the average woman. Not those who do serious damage to items within a matter of weeks or those who are extremely delicate with them. I’m talking about the average woman who will throw her cellphone onto a bed or the sofa from ten feet away and not think about it. The woman who watches her purse spill out all over the floorboards of a car because she had to break abruptly – then cringes as anything else falls out of the seat and onto it. The woman continues to wear a pair of heels even after the heel-caps fall off — and then resoles/heels them a thousand different times.

You get the idea.

Here’s how the test goes, essentially, survive several weeks with me. By which I mean the item(s) go through my daily life. I’m notorious for throwing my phone halfway across the room and watching it land on (or just short of) my bed. Or dropping a purse so loaded its bursting at the seams onto the floor/chair/car seat.

Is it easily cleaned should something get on it? Will a damp or soapy cloth remove the spot? Or even just a lint roller? Can I just throw it in the washer/dryer?

Clothes: What can it be worn with? How many seasons will they last?

Accessories: How many seasons can I get out of ’em?

Shoes: Are the comfortable? Cute?

You get the idea.


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